Gass Orthodontics Review

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Jan 17, 2013 | Posted by K.S.

We visited orthodontists all over Eugene, but we chose Dr. Gass.
Not the rewards program (there wasn't any when we joined),
Not the style of the office,
Not the magazines in the waiting room, but
He and the staff took the time to talk to us, explain everything to us, and not leave out anything, good or bad. He told the situation to us straight and promised to do the best he could. He explained his plan, and we finally understood! We chose him, confident that he would do his best to keep us informed about what he was doing.
For the same reason, we asked his opinion first about my sister's teeth.
Thanks, Dr. Gass and the EugeneOrthodontics Team!
You have been a blessing from God (and Jesus, too).